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==2012 Nominees==
==2012 Nominees==
*Doug Berger; Category "Individual"; For initiating [[Astronomy Day]] in 1973.

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The AstronomyOutreach Award (the "Astro Oscars") honors the very best in astronomy outreach and public education each year. Categories include Individual, Professional, Club or Society, and Special. The Annual AstronomyOutreach Awards are sponsored by Oceanside Photo & Telescope.

You can make a nomination for the 2012 AstronomyOutreach Awards until the end of November 2011. Nominees are voted on by the Awards Committee and will be announced at the 2012 Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys. Please edit this page and give the full name of the nominee, the category that you are nominating for, and a brief explanation of why you have nominated them.

2012 Nominees

  • Doug Berger; Category "Individual"; For initiating Astronomy Day in 1973.
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