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The AstronomyOutreach Award (the "Astro Oscars") honors the very best in astronomy outreach and public education each year. Categories include Individual, Professional, Club or Society, and Special. The awards are announced each year at the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys.

The Annual AstronomyOutreach Awards are sponsored by Oceanside Photo & Telescope. Award nominations are voted on in committee chaired by Dr. Mike Reynolds (Executive Director Emeritus of the Chabot Space & Science Center and ALPO Board Member), with fellow committee members Tippy D'Auria (WSP Founder), Dr. Stephen J. Edberg (Executive Director RTMC), Scott W. Roberts (Founder of the AstronomyOutreach network and President of Explore Scientific), and Terry Mann (Former President of the Astronomical League).



Nominations are being accepted now for the next AstronomyOutreach Awards. To place your nominate, please see our AstronomyOutreach Award Nominations page.

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