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The official logo of the Astronomy Club of Asheville
Astronomy Club of Asheville is a 501(c)3, non-profit, educational organization that is open to visitors and is dedicated to helping people of all ages understand and enjoy astronomy at all levels of interest. No equipment is needed to participate.

Many of us have one or more telescopes and either observe or image or both. Some of us observe using only binoculars or our unaided eyes. But all of us love the night sky, and we enjoy exploring, learning and sharing our knowledge of the universe that surrounds us.

The club’s indoor meetings and outdoor star gazes provide venues for our engagement with astronomy.



Membership Benefits:

☼ Annual Membership in the Astronomical League, a national organization providing support to over 20,000 amateur astronomers ☼ Discounts on astronomy magazines and other astronomy-related publications ☼ Use of the club’s loaner telescopes ☼ Club voting privileges and eligibility to participate as a club officer ☼ Use of club library books

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs


Most outreach events are not open to the public; attendance is restricted to the school, science center, or other event sponsor. Details about any public outreach events will also be posted on the club home page.

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