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Austin Astronomical Society is organized with a set of Bylaws. All decisions affecting the Society are made by polling a quorum of the membership. The membership may elect to delegate certain decisions to the Executive Committee, which consists of the elected officers.

Since 1969, a central Texas astronomy club to help you enjoy the sky. Come check out our monthly meetings, our dark sky site (that will show you much more than the bright lights of the city), our Beginning Astronomy discussions, and more. Click on any of the upcoming events on this page or the Events button above to see what we are doing. To get started in amateur astronomy in general, the Links tab on right end of the navigation bar above has many great websites, with plenty of information for any level of amateur astronomer.



The 300-plus members of the Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) come from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of special interests and levels of expertise. Some of our members earn their living as professionals in astronomy-related fields. Others are rank novices. All of our members are friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to share the wonders of the sky with others — with you!

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