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Bob Menn earned his Master of Arts degrees from California State University. Over the years, he has written hundreds of manuals, filmstrips and video scripts, brochures, data sheets, ads, press releases and other collateral material for various U.S. companies and national industry trade organizations.

Bob has also co-written and co-produced a children’s album, “Take a Trip with Me,” for the Aliso Creek label. A preschool teacher while he attended graduate school, he claims that he taught Einstein's concept of time to preschoolers.



Bob's love of astronomy often prompts him to launch into impromptu neighborhood star parties or astronomy lectures on his commuter train.

“Astronomy is the window on our past and the doorway to our future. It is the key to understanding who we are, what we are made of and where we are going. The outreach community has given me a chance to make contributions to this remarkable field. Come and share this journey, this passion, with us.”

Meade 4M Community

Bob made major contributions to the success of the Meade 4M Community, giving valuable advice and assistance in the management of the organization. In addition, Bob single-handedly engineered the Meade 4M Radio show with host Scott W. Roberts, he wrote, edited, directed, produced and arranged music for Meade and Meade 4M videos and radio shows.

Tessmann Planetarium

Bob Menn is the Planetarium Show Director at Tessmann Planetarium at Santa Ana College. Where he has produced hundreds of planetarium shows to thousands of people. The shows are often produced for young elementry-school students, of which Bob feels is of utmost importance.

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