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Celestial Observers Guild Is an astronomy club in Skowhegan, Maine dedicated to educatation and outreach. If you're an astronomer, you know that you can't predict the weather very far in advance. You are also familiar with the frustration of trying to observe in near or full moonlight. Maybe you have an obligation on a meeting night, but you don't want to miss out for a whole thirty more days. For these reasons, the Celestial Observers Guild meets two times every month; this not only affords us at least one meeting with a favorable moon phase, but also increases the odds of having favorable weather and sky conditions (To check the current conditions at our observing site, see our Clear Sky Chart). These meetings are scheduled on the first Monday and third Sunday of every month at 19:00 (Times may change with the seasons).

We provide broad information about our club, and astronomy in general on our site.

On This Site:

  • Information about our community outreach and events
  • Links to other astronomy resources
  • Astronomer's search engine
  • Nation Wide astronomy club locator
  • Observer tools
  • Club event information via Night Sky Network calendar
  • A secure contact form to email our club

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