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The official logo of the Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club
Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club is a group of like-minded astronomy enthusiasts who appreciate and observe the wonders of our universe. The CAAC was established in 1954 by local astronomy devotees, Charlotte Kelly and Forrest Selby who sought to share their experiences with other individuals in their area. We currently have approximately 150 members of various experience levels – from the beginner to the most advanced, serving an eight-to-ten county geography roughly centered on Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mission Statement

To share our passion for amateur astronomy with the community through education and public outreach while providing the highest value astronomy club experience for our members. It is through this sharing process that we will work to build a greater appreciation of the dark night sky that will help protect its natural beauty from the encroachment of artificial lighting.



Membership Applications are available through the CAAC Treasurer at monthly meetings.

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs


Outreach Program

The Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club is actively working to engage the public in the joy of amateur astronomy by providing public outreach events in the Charlotte area. CAAC members have been to schools, civic associations, park areas, and libraries with their telescopes and with their enthusiasm for astronomy to provide opportunities for the public to see and to learn about the sky.

Outreach Program Topics

The Sun and Solar Observing

The Planets in our Solar System

The Moon -- Phases, Tides, and Exploration


Observatory Tour (viewing if weather permits)

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Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club Website

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