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The official logo of the Cheyenne Astonomical Society
Cheyenne Astonomical Society was formed in December of 1986. The CAS is for people interested in astronomy who want to share their experiences and increase their knowledge about astronomy. Members are not required to own any equipment or to have any knowledge of astronomy. Your basic curiosity about astronomy is all you need. We hold a monthly gathering at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. Weather permitting, we hold "Wyoming Skies"; where we have an informal tour of the stars and planets visible to the unaided eye. Telescope viewing is also provided if the weather permits. Observing sessions for special occasions, such as meteor showers, comets or eclipses are also planned when the opportunity arises. The CAS also holds an annual star party at Foxpark Wyoming (The Weekend Under The Stars)



The Cheyenne Astronomical Society (CAS) was formed in December of 1986. The club is active and usually meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens.

What are some of the benefits of membership in the CAS?

Monthly meetings at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens in Lions Park.

Co-sponsor (along with the Laramie Astronomical Society and Space Observers) of the Annual ?Weekend Under the Stars? at Foxpark, Wyoming. This event has become a major star party in the region.

Members receive the monthly newsletter of the CAS, "The Cosmic Babbler".

Members have access to star parties at Camp Jack in the spring, summer and fall.

Members are eligible for discount subscriptions to Astronomy and Sky and Telescope magazines and some of their products.

A chance to swap lies with other fellow astronomy enthusiasts.

Awards and Recognition


The Cheyenne Astronomical Society is associated with and or members of the following organizations, Front Range Astonomical Supercluster, Laramie Astronomical Society and Space Observers, The Planetary Society, Wyoming Infrared Observatory, and Astronomical League.

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