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The official logo of the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society
Door Peninsula Astronomical Society Promoting the science and public education of astronomy, encouraging observational participation in astronomy, and providing outreach for the Leif Everson Observatory.

Located in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society is a local club and a chapter of the Astronomical League. DPAS is a member of the International Dark Sky Association as well as the Night Sky Network, a teaching arm of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

DPAS meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at the Ray and Ruthie Stonecipher Astronomy Center. From Highway 42/57, turn East on Utah Street to Cove Road (stop sign) and turn left through the gate. Click here for a map.

DPAS operates and maintains the Leif Everson Observatory. This is equipped with a 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope on a state-of-the-art robotic mount, a weather station and a budding project in radio astronomy. On a portable mount is a 102mm refractor with a hydrogen alpha filter for studying details of activity on the sun.

The Star Garden at the observatory is used for viewing the sky with unaided vision, binoculars and members’ telescopes. There are also binocular mounts set in concrete which allow people of various heights to share the same view.



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