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Eyes on the Sky [http://www.eyesonthesky.com] is an amateur astronomy website set up by David Fuller.


As of early 2011, the site features monthly videos about astronomy, detailing the major changes of the naked-eye planets, Moon, seasonal stars and other major astronomical phenomena in the night sky. Primarily directed at beginning amateurs or those curious about the night sky, the videos largely use layman's terminology to describe astronomical events to promote a basic understanding of astronomy. Some 'how-to' videos, such as how to align an equatorial mount, are also available for viewing. An adjustable all-sky map is provided at the Star Charts link, along with detailed black and white or color charts for stars down to 7th magnitude. A 'do-it-yourself' section has been started, with some projects such as tripods and mounts highlighted, though no plans are listed. The 'Resources' page contains links of interest, such as how to spot the International Space Station from the viewer's location.


Started in November 2008, it was originally a site to supplement local newspaper articles Mr. Fuller wrote on a monthly basis. Current articles were prominent and older articles were archived for future reference. After about a year and half, the newspaper publisher ceased accepting articles for publication. In December of 2010, Mr. Fuller began making videos for local cable access. The videos are also available on YouTube and are linked through to the Eyes on the Sky website. The videos highlight the changing night sky each month, offering easy-to-follow steps on where and how to find planets, bright stars and constellations in the night sky. Major meteor showers and other prominent astronomical phenomenon are also covered when appropriate and as time permits.


Mr. Fuller developed the site primarily as an outreach tool for those who have no idea what they may be seeing in the night sky, with no one to guide or help them. An over-arching theme of the site appears to be the reduction of light pollution, as each website page and monthly video mentions light pollution and tips on reducing it.

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