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*[http://www.waa.av.org Website of the Western Amateur Astronomers]
*[http://www.waa.av.org Website of the Western Amateur Astronomers]
*[http://www.waa.av.org/Blair_recip_99.html Recipients of the G. Bruce Blair Medal on the WAA Website]
*[http://www.waa.av.org/Blair_recip_99.html Recipients of the G. Bruce Blair Medal on the WAA Website]
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The G. Bruce Blair Medal is the highest honor which the Western Amateur Astronomers (WAA) can bestow upon an individual. Named in honor of Dr. G. Bruce Blair, one of the founders of WAA, it is the "Nobel Prize" of amateur astronomy and is awarded to a living professional or amateur astronomer who has made an important contribution to amateur astronomy.

Candidates are voted on by secret ballot eliminating the lowest candidates until one candidate and an alternate candidate are selected at the Winter Board Meeting of the Western Amateur Astronomers. All nominees are held in confidence until this award is accepted.

Award Recipients

  • 1954 Mr. Albert G. Ingalls ATM pioneer and author of ATM 1, 2 and 3.
  • 1955 Prof. Walter H. Haas Founder of ALPO, Co-founded WAA.
  • 1956 Dr. Otto Struve Leading 20th Century astronomy popularizer.
  • 1957 Dr. Margaret Mayall Director AAVSO 1949-1973.
  • 1958 Dr. Dinsmore Alter Director Griffith Obs. & Co-founder of WAA Board.
  • 1959 Dr. Earle G. Linsley Director Chabot Obs. 1923-1947 & Co-founder of EAS and WAA.
  • 1960 Mr. David Barcroft ALPO secretary 1947-1974.
  • 1961 Mr. Carl Wells WAA founder and well known ATM.
  • 1962 Arthur & Natalie Leonard Active participants of Moonwatch & WAA.
  • 1963 Mr. Thomas Cragg Solar, planetary, and variable star observer.
  • 1964 Mr. Walter Scott Houston Author of "Deep Sky Wonders."
  • 1965 Dr. Clyde Tombaugh Discoverer of the Planet Pluto.
  • 1966 Dr. Clarence P. Custer Active in the WAA and famous astrophotographer.
  • 1967 Dr. Leslie C. Peltier Famous comet and variable star observer.
  • 1968 Dr. David Dunham Long-time coordinator of grazing occultation observations.
  • 1969 Mr. Thomas R. Cave Telescope Manufacturer and Mars observer.
  • 1970 Mr. Charles F. Capen Expert observer, especially of Mars.
  • 1971 Mr. George A. Carroll West coast builder of large telescopes.
  • 1972 Mr. Clinton Ford Long-time Secretary of the AAVSO.
  • 1973 Mr. Raymond Coutchie Astronomical artist, astrophotographer, and author.
  • 1974 Mr. John Dobson Popularized the "Dobsonian" telescope design.
  • 1975 Mr. Clifford W. Holmes Founded the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference.
  • 1976 Mr. Patrick Moore Famous astronomical popularizer and author.
  • 1977 Mr. Frank Miller Very active in AANC and WAA organizations.
  • 1978 Mr. Jackson Carle Well known Central Valley ATM.
  • 1979 Mr. Kingsley W. Wightman Long-time teacher of Astronomy at Chabot Observatory.
  • 1980 Mr. Paul Zurakowski Well known ATM; Director of Chabot ATM workshop.
  • 1981 Mr. Ashley Thomas McDermott Professor and astronomy popularizer in southern California.
  • 1982 Mr. Douglas Berger Founder of Astronomy Day.
  • 1983 Mr. John Sanford Astrophotographer, teacher and author.
  • 1984 Mr. Chesley Bonestall Famous astronomical artist.
  • 1985 Miss Betty Neall WAA secretary in 50s. Astronomical organizer in northern Calif.
  • 1986 Mr. Ben Mayer Famous west coast astrophotographer.
  • 1987 Mr. Jack Borde Long time ATM, and a participant in WAA, MDAS and Moonwatch.
  • 1988 Mr. Stephen J. Edberg Famous international amateur astronomer.
  • 1989 Dr. Harold F. Weaver ASP patron and long-time supporter of amateur astronomy.
  • 1990 Mr. David H. Levy Teacher of young people, author and comet discoverer.
  • 1991 Dr. John Westfall ALPO director & coordinator of Prof.-Amateur research projects.
  • 1992 Mr. Kevin Medlock Builder of large amateur telescopes.
  • 1993 Mr. Tom Johnson Founder of Celestron, popularizer of the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.
  • 1994 (none) (none)
  • 1995 Mr. Don Machholz Observer & popularizer of comets.
  • 1996 Dr. Ed Krupp Director of Griffith Observatory and book author.
  • 1997 Mr. Robert Stevens Educator, Secretary and Treasurer to RTMC.
  • 1998 Mr. Richard Berry Promoter of CCD astrometry, author of CCD Cookbook.
  • 1999 Mrs. Denni Frerichs Medlock Past Secretary of WAA; Co-coordinator of Group 70.
  • 2000 Dr. Joel W. Goodman, PH.D. Bay area amateur, speaker, Docent MDOA, ALPO Saturn Recorder.
  • 2001 Monsignor Ron Royer Astrophotographer, early developer of tri-color photo process.
  • 2002 Dr. Mike D. Reynolds Director of Chabot Space Science Center. Active amateur and supporter.
  • 2003 Mr. F. Jack Eastman Well known ATM, member of LAAS, DAS, advisor at Chamberlin Obsy.
  • 2004 Mrs. Jane Houston Jones Past Pres. of AANC, writer, Cassini Senior Outreach Spec.at JPL
  • 2005 Dr. David L. Crawford Teacher, speaker, co-founder of IDA, promoter of sensible night lighting.
  • 2006 John Christopher "Chris" Butler Artist, speaker. director of program exhibits Griffith Observatory.
  • 2007 Mr. Carter Roberts Bay area amateur, CSSC and RTMC board member, Long time Pres. EAS.
  • 2008 Ms. Marni Berendsen Developer/mgr. NASA/ASP Night Sky Network.Coordinator, Project ASTRO, author.
  • 2009 Mr. Mike Simmons Past Pres of LAAS. Founded MWOA and AWOB. 100hrsofAstronomy Co-Chair.
  • 2010 Mr. Robert K. Buchheim Observer, Astrophotographer, Outreach Enthusiast and Author "The Sky Is Your Laboratory", a manual for the research-oriented amateur astronomer

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