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The Grand Canyon Star Party (GCSP) is a public outreach based star party taking place on both North and South Rims of the famous Grand Canyon. The seven day long event brings astronomers from all over the world who look to share their love of astronomy under northern Arizona's famous dark skies.

Grand Canyon Star Party: South Rim

The GCSP South Rim is put on by Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association and has been going strong sense 1991. At an elevation of nearly 7000' and the largest town nearly 80 miles away the skies provide a stunning display of the celestial summer sky. The large observing field allows for a large collection of telescopes as well so no fear of it filling up anytime soon! The south rim provides an array of activities to do during the day as well such as hiking, helicopter rides and trips to several famous land marks. Astronomers also set up small telescopes along the canyon edge to show public features of the canyon as well as a small collection of solar telescopes to view our closest star. Needless to say, observing never stops during this event! The star party is a great family event with telescopes and knowledgeable astronomers willing to show anyone a glimpse of our universe. Everyone is welcome but book soon as camping sites and hotels fill up fast!

Grand Canyon Star Party: North Rim

The GCSP North Rim is the northern version of the famous Grand Canyon Star Party and is held the same week as the south rim. The GCSP North Rim is held as the famous Kaibab Lodge and provides the same awe inspiring experience as the south rim. The North Rim sits at an elevation of nearly 8000' and has a jaw dropping view of the southern horizon giving an unbelievable view of the southern Milky Way! The event is put on by Phoenix's Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC).

Unlike the South Rim the North Rim has very limited room for volunteer astronomers so book accordingly.

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