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Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society is a non-profit educational organization. We are dedicated to the promotion of amateur astronomy in and around the West Virginia area and work closely with local schools and the Avampato Discovery Museum at the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences.

The Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society operates and maintains Breezy Point Observatory, located at Camp Virgil Tate, near Cross Lanes, West Virginia. This rolling-roof design observatory houses the club's 16" F-4.5 Newtonion Reflector Telescope. Breezy Point Observatory is host to many of the club's monthly meetings as well as a number of star parties each year.



Contact: Chuck Spann

Email: CWSpann@aol.com

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The Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society is also co-sponsor of Blackwater Falls Astronomy Weekend and Green Bank Star Quest. Central Appalachian Astronomy Club along with Dominion Resources are our partners for Green Bank Star Quest. Blackwater Falls Astronomy Weekend is possible thanks to the cooperation of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Blackwater Falls Astronomy Weekend is held every fall at Blackwater Falls State Park. Green Bank Star Quest is held every summer at the Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Both of these events are highly educational and well worth the trip.

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