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Low Country Stargazers is a diverse group of amateurs who enjoy promoting astronomy in the Charleston SC area. With a wide range of experience in visual observing to CCD imaging, if you have a peculiar desire to know more about astronomy, chances are someone here can help. We work with several organizations in Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties including: The College of Charleston, Local Schools (Public and Private) along with various girl and boy scout troops just to name a few.

Our monthly meetings are the first Thursday of the month with topics balanced to appeal to both beginner and advanced amateur astronomers alike. Monthly meetings include videos, slide shows, lectures, reviews of upcoming celestial events group projects and much more. These meetings are free, and open to the public of all ages.

Each of our club members has their own interests. Some like looking at planets, while others enjoy the challenge of deep sky observing. Some members like telescope making and mirror grinding, while others are into astrophotography and CCD imaging. Whatever your interest in astronomy, there is probably someone else just like you in the club that is more than willing to share his or her experiences.

Please feel free to come to any of our monthly meetings or events.



Benefits of Membership

Get acquainted with a large group of people interested in Science & Astronomy. Reap the benefits from the experience of members on setting up and acquiring your own astronomical gear. Get notified about Star Parties, celestial events, club holiday party, etc. Realize discounts of 10% on most astronomical merchandise available through Oceanside Photo and Telescope. Through monthly observing sessions, gradually learn how to observe the night sky. If you have a child at home, bring that child to the observing session and the star parties so that that child can literally “hitch his/her wagon to the Stars”! Join Club Members on interesting events happening along the East coast. Participate in observing sessions in near-by observatories when visits are arranged. Attend lectures by leading astronomers at the College of Charleston when the public is invited.

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs


Let LCS be involved with your school, scouting, or other event with our telescopes to show the wonders of the night sky. We support Dorchester, Charleston and Berkeley counties.

We ask that you read the guidelines below prior to your request.

For scheduling reasons and proper staffing please contact our Star Party Coordinator three months in advance if possible. If that is not possible you can still contact us, but you will have greater success with an advanced request.

When contacting us please provide the following information: Number of people attending the event? Age group of the participants? What school, scout, or other group are you with? Any specific area of astronomy you would like to cover? Date, time, and place of event? (LCS will review and verify the optimal dates) Rain date in case of poor weather conditions? Contact information? Any other information to help plan for your event is appreciated!

In the past we have asked that a donation be made to the club for reimbursement of gas, equipment, time, etc. This will allow us to maintain our equipment so your experience will be as successful as possible.

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