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Welcome to the AstronomyOutreach network!

This organization was formed at the turn of the century as a free service to popularize and recognize individuals and organizations committed to the educational public outreach (EPO) in astronomy and space science. Here on this wiki you can learn how to get involved to help people in your community understand the wonders of the sky and the importance of science in our everyday lives by sharing your knowledge and telescope with the public.

The Starlight Festival


Join us at the 1st Annual StarLight Festival coming May 24 and 25, 2014 in Big Bear, California!

This event is free and open to the public and is a celebration of science and astronomy set among an atmosphere of music and art in the Village of Big Bear. In conjunction with the RTMC Astronomy Expo and the Big Bear Solar Observatory, there will be STEM hands-on activities and learning for students and educators. There is an amazing line-up of special presentations by renown astronauts, scientists, and astronomers. View the sun live through a safe-filtered telescope, explore the stars through powerful telescopes, explore the microscopic world, build a rocket, control robots, meet an astronaut, ask a scientist a question about the universe.


Featured Article

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SIA Expo

SIA Expo, a free science, imaging, and astronomy event to the public held each year at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA is now an official AstronomyOutreach network event! We welcome restricted donations to the SIA Expo through AstronomyOutreach network, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.

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Lecture Referral Service

David H. Levy lectures at Mt. Wilson Observatory

AstronomyOutreach network offers a free lecture referral service for public educators in astronomy. While we do not accept compensation for the referral, we do work with the speakers and the organizers who wish to invite them to lecture to arrive at a fair honorarium that works for both parties if requested. Requests for speakers to give live online lectures or in-person lectures should be prepared to provide travel (if required), expenses, and an honorarium paid in advance.

Create a Page

Today is the top-ranked website for astronomy outreach on the Internet, and we invite you to take advantage of this to create greater awareness for the education and public outreach that you or and/or your organization is active in.

AstronomyOutreach network uses the MediaWiki platform to allow registered individuals and organizations to create and edit pages on this website. Be aware that your content can be edited by others who visit this site, but we specifically request that all content is somehow related to astronomy and space science with an emphasis on educational public outreach (EPO). Other content posted here that detracts from our mission may be deleted. Read more about the AstronomyOutreach network.

The Cloudy Nights Astronomy Community


Our official forum for AstronomyOutreach network is hosted by Cloudy Nights. Support for the forum is made by a generous contribution by Astronomics.


  • The AstronomyOutreach network hosts the AstronomyOutreach Awards (the "AstroOscars") presented each year at the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys to recognize exemplary education and public outreach in astronomy to notable individuals and organizations. Also be sure to look at the many other awards programs from other organizations that have honored people devoted to astronomy, space exploration, and scientific awareness. Support for the AstronomyOutreach Awards is made by a generous contribution by OPT.
  • The WebSpace Awards recognize excellence on the web for education and public outreach in astronomy and space science.

Also be sure to look at the many other awards programs from other organizations that have honored people devoted to astronomy, space exploration, and scientific awareness.

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