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The NASA Space Science Student Ambassadors Program are university students that conduct activities that are designed to encourage undergraduate and graduate students to participate in NASA's Space Science educational activities and to help generate excitement about NASA scientific discoveries in space science. Students in this program work with new audiences, partners, as well as people with special needs and groups that are underserved and/or underrepresented.

Space Science Student Ambassadors find opportunities for youth and adults to make their own observations of the universe through activities such as naked-eye observations, in-person and on-line telescopic observations, and activities utilizing NASA data or facilities. The intent is to instill a personal sense of wonder and discovery.

Ambassadors work to increase awareness of space science by strengthening scientific literacy in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to build a greater understanding of astrophysics, planetary science, and heliophysics.

This program is an extension of the NASA International Year of Astronomy Student Ambassador (NIYSA) Program. NASA’s International Year of Astronomy website provides access to educational resources and serves as a guidance to the sort of activities students can get involved in. Applicants should also review NASA’s Space Science Strategy prior to completing an application.

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