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The official logo of the Norfolk Astronomical Society
Norfolk Astronomical Society The group was founded December 14, 2000 by former founding members of another local astronomy club who left that group when an election incongruous with that club's constitution was declared valid, and rules changed for the election after ballots had been opened.


No rules... No politics... Just good fun!



DUES ... only $8.00/year. Primarily used for production and distribution of the NAS newsletter and other publications.


Regular club meetings are held once a month, generally on the Monday night closest to Full Moon. Exceptions to the rule are made to avoid holiday and other conflicts.


Observing sessions are scheduled monthly on Friday nights (raindate Saturday) near New Moon. Primary observing site at present is at a private residence down in Gates County, NC.

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs


Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies (VAAS)

The mission of VAAS is to be a forum for cooperation and collaboration between the clubs of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through annual meetings, attendees come away with new friendships, fresh ideas, and knowledge of what other societies are doing around the state and beyond.

VAAS was founded as a result of a joint meeting in 1975 between the Richmond and original Norfolk Astronomical Society. The annual event is open to societies and the interested public across Virginia and surrounding states. Hosting of the event is passed around participating Virginia societies. A fixed host rotation was implemented after 1995 when for the 2 years prior the convention host society faltered on having the event.

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