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Pamela is the Co-Founder of the Solaractivity Facebook group, a Solar Sidewalk Astronomer’s Coordinator, Social Media person for Daystar Filters, Acting Assistant Solar Coordinator for The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, an Astronomy Outreach Network Ambassador and a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.


Pamela is from Northeast Ohio but moved to Arizona in 2012 with her husband, solar imager Randy Shivak, so that he could pursue serious solar astronomy in sunny Arizona. Since being in Arizona, they have taken their solar equipment to their local park almost everyday to do Solar Sidewalk Astronomy and have shared the wonders of our nearest star, the sun with passerby's. Randy Shivak-Amateur Solar Astronomer


Pamela has inspired and mobilized thousands of people around the world to have outreach events in their own countries in their own towns by creating WorldWide Outreach events on her Solaractivity Facebook group. These outreach events include two Solstice Festivals a year, Solar Sidewalk Astronomer's SUN-day, Transit Events, and Solar Eclipse Events. SOLARACTIVITY, THE WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL, SOLAR SIDEWALK ASTRONOMERS SUN-DAY, SOLAR SIDEWALK ASTRONOMERS


The Clifford W. Holmes Award is given to an individual for a "Major Contribution to Popularizing Astronomy" Awarded to Randy and Pamela Shivak at RTMC May 2016 File.jpg

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