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Terry Mann is the past president of the Astronomical League. Her love of astronomy and astrophotography, fostered early in her youth, by her father, continues to grow. Captivated by the beauty of Saturn, her first observing experience through the telescope, was the beginning of Terry's journey into astrophotography. The exhilaration she felt after seeing another planet through the eyepiece of an 1800's refractor has never diminished. Grateful for the opportunity and support at that time, Terry is driven to create opportunities for other new amateur astronomers.

Terry's work in astrophotography has taken her to many isolated areas of the world. Imaging expeditions have led her to very unique and diverse regions such as Australia to image the Southern Hemisphere, Baja, California in 1991 and Baby Beach, Aruba in 1998 to witness breathtaking total solar eclipses, Bolivia to attend the Southern Skies Star Party, an incredible journey to Egypt in 2004 to image the Venus transit and to Alaska in 2005 to image the awe inspiring aurora borealis.

In September of 2003 Terry was elected to Board of Directors of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. She served to represent the amateur astronomer community to the society.



In December of 2001 Mann was selected as a JPL Solar System Ambassador, she speaks to the public about upcoming NASA missions. Eager to share her experiences and challenges faced, in astrophotography Terry is frequently invited to speak at high schools, astronomy clubs and civic groups as well as science centers , State and National Parks. She maintains a backyard observatory that houses a 14-inch telescope and brings classrooms to the observatory to let the students see the universe.

Terry has served as Vice-President and President of the Miami Valley Astronomical Society and organized their convention; Apollo rendezvous for two years. She has written articles for the Astronomical League's magazine, the REFLECTOR, local newspapers, and her astrophotography has appeared in local art galleries, newspapers, and TV newscasts. In 1998 and 1999 Terry had the privilege to serve as a summer volunteer at the University of Denver's Mount Evans Observatory in Colorado.

Currently she is a Board Member of the AstronomyOutreach network and serves on its Awards Committee.

Astronomical League

Terry served two terms as President of the Astronomical League, an organization with approximately 18,000 amateur astronomers. She served as Secretary for the Astronomical League from 1998 to 2001. Today, Terry makes a continuing effort to develop outreach programs for the League and she is managing the AstroExpo, the Astronomical League's national convention.

Awards and Recognition

In 2004 Terry received the R.G. Wright Service Award from the Astronomical League. The R.G. Wright Award recognizes people who have performed above and beyond the call of duty. Terry also received an Award from the Ohio House of Representatives for her dedicated research and study of the Solar System.

Miami Valley Astronomical Society honored Terry Mann with the club's highest award, the Kepler Award for outstanding service.

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