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The Birmingham Astronomical Society is composed of 70 members

Birmingham Astronomical Society was formed in 1977 by a group of local amateur astronomers who felt that a club would provide a stimulating environment for its members, while at the same time, serving to educate the general public about a fascinating hobby. It really doesn’t matter whether you already own a telescope and have discovered the pleasures of spending an evening examining the Moon, planets, and deep sky wonders, or whether you simply like to keep abreast of the latest astronomical discoveries—the B.A.S. could be what you have been looking for!





Contact: Keith Tenney

Phone: 334-844-6839

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs

Birmingham Astronomical Society program meetings are normally held at 7:00 p.m. at the Samford University Planetarium o n the third Tuesday of each month. They often feature presentations by professional astronomers and other researchers, interesting films, and “how to” talks by club members

Monthly observing sessions, called star parties, are scheduled at a dark sky site at Chandler Mountain (approximately 50 miles northeast of Birmingham).


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