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Wilderness Center Astronomy Club is a family oriented group of amateurs with a broad range of experience and interest. Our charter is to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of astronomy among our club members, our parent organization - The Wilderness Center, and the Northeast Ohio Community at large. Feel free to look around. If you like what you see, tell a friend.



Because TWC is a membership-driven organization, members of the WCAC are required to become members of TWC if they are not already members. TWC provides us with a place to meet, encouragement on many different projects, and a well-known community organization to give our efforts more credibility. In return we give TWC members, potential volunteers, programming and educational support. It has been a wonderful relationship, and both sides have benefited from it.

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs

School Outreach Programs are offered. Classes are given a tour of the season's constellations and the opportunity to explore the sky with telescopes provided by club members. Funds received from such outreach efforts go to promote other educational projects and activities of the club.

Planetarium Presentations, using the Fred F. Silk planetarium at The Wilderness Center Astronomy Education Building, can be prepared by interested club members for use with school groups and visitors. Members have the opportunity to gain valuable experience researching topics, gathering pictures, writing scripts, and hosting tours of the seasonal constellations.

Traveling Slide Programs have been purchased and produced as club projects... "Little Star" (just for kids) and "The Mars Show" are examples. Others have been entirely created within the club, such as the holiday program, "Wonderful Star!"


Public Viewing Nightsare held on the First Friday of each month at The Wilderness Center Astronomy Education Building, rain or starshine. We start with a Planetarium show about the current night sky to help visitors orient themselves prior to going out and seeing the stars. The show starts at 8:00 year round. If it is clear, we will open the observatory and view through the Center¹s scopes and we will set up additional telescopes in the lower parking lot. If it is cloudy, we will show a short video of objects taken through the Center¹s scopes. Everyone is welcome, and it¹s free! If you plan to bring a large group or individuals with physical disabilities, please contact Joann Ballbach, Education Director, at The Wilderness Center.

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