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The official logo of the Yakima Astronomical Society
Yakima Astronomical Society serves the Central Washington State area of the USA. The original Yakima Valley Astronomy Club was formed in January 1990 by Mac Knight and Larry Bresson. In January 2003, the name was changed to Yakima Astronomical Society. The original group grew out of a mirror grinding class Mac and Larry put on at the Hoover Elementary School, using funds from the Ridgeview PTA. The club evolved from there, growing to about 20 members. The YAS currently consist of a small group of amateur astronomers that actively observe the night sky in the Yakima area.

The YAS is active in the Yakima community, putting on public observing sessions at various times during the year and bringing there telescopes out for the public at special astronomical events. Click for Yakima, Washington Forecast We start observing in March with our Messier Marathon. Print our Messier check sheet for help in observing these objects. See our schedule in the News & Events section for our Public Observing Sessions during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Enjoy our Clear Sky Chart and Underground Weather link for Yakima on this page. If you are interested in astronomy and would like to observe the night sky, read the next paragraph on how to begin your celestial journey.



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YAS is affiliated with the Astronomical League. Click on their blue logo for a visit with this national organization for amateur astronomers. Astronomical League Club members get together during the year for viewing sessions with their telescopes and attend many of the regional star parties. Amateur astronomers come from all walks of life and we have had the very young to senior citizens at our observing sessions. If you have an interest in astronomy or have a telescope and want to learn more about it, come join us.


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[www.perr.com/yvac.html Yakima Astronomical Society Website]

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